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About Us

Jacob Shoes – US based company performing all it’s operations in united states except production. Our Shoes are handcrafted by some of the most skilled and experienced craftsmen from Pakistan.

Keeping the tradition, We are powered by an extensive hundred year old crafts to match your style. Instead of just the brand name, We believe that a quality shoes that provides you comfort and lasts long far better. That is why we focus on the value which ultimately results in loyal customers.

We make sure every move we make will end up in value to our customers. We make – Made to Measure premium quality handcrafted leather shoes for men. The leather we use in the production of the shoes is full grain cow leather. We produce one of the finest handcrafted leather shoes that will enhance your look and style.

We stand behind our products. We take pride in what we do. We hope you will too.

Jacob Shoes – are also well known for its handcrafted Bespoke Shoes.

It’s a premium handcrafted shoes segment. These shoes are entirely designed for accurate precision. Bespoke Shoes are fully handcrafted with full attention to detail. They are highly comfortable due to their ultimate size accuracy. The level of comfort these shoes provide can not be found in any other type of shoes.

It’s one of the most expensive segment but we brought at a very reasonable price.

We offer a huge variety when it comes to shoes which includes Oxfords and Wingtips, Loafers and Slip on and Western Boots for Men.